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Shipping & Returns

The shipping EMS , which is usually one week (5 ~ 7 working days) of delivery. If you have special requirements concerning modes of transport, please let us know.

We need to ensure that orders are placed once delivery and payment transfer. And tracking number will be sent as soon as the goods are shipped out. However, we can not check the status of the goods to leave behind our transport sector. The delay may be due to weather problems, or beyond our will otherwise result.

For the comfort and protection of our customers, we offer the possibility of direct signature required for delivery of your order. Please note that without the signature received your package by choice, you have to be responsible for during transport or after delivery thatshould your bag is lost.

Here in our online store, we strive to provide customers with quality products and services to our customers. We know that when you receive your order, online shopping is not always desirable. They must be sent back before items to contact us. Please note, not including shipping and handling costs of return or exchange. In addition, we can not be responsible for lost shipments

All goods must follow these guidelines.
All goods must be worn. All returned items may have occurred, and he mastered the customer signs of wear or damage prevent their return. We only accept return in resale condition.

Returns should contain the frame intact and in original packaging, together with the shipment plus may include any additional accessories.

Your return should be in the package shipping protection box. Postage affixed to the original packaging returned items will be deemed to wear, will not be refunded. Only your shipping label applied to your case and protection is not a shoebox. If your answer will be sent to us no protection carton, we will not accept returns.

Returns tracking system effective 15 days after the date of receipt of the display. Please note that the return does not guarantee the delivery date. Once received, we'll deal with your return and send a confirmation e-mail. Please contact us if you receive a confirmation email within a month of his return to the no. Returns after release, please allow 48 hours, your bank will return the funds to your account. You can return it to appear before you to take a complete cycle of the credit card statement.

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